The Elephant in the Room

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You probably think you’re covered, but you’re not. The insurance gaps when you are driving ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft are the “Elephant in the Room.” We can walk you through current insurance options and the gaps that you need to fill.

Your Insurance Options

Ridesharing has become wildly popular for both drivers and riders alike. The issue is most drivers do not understand the car insurance situation with rideshare driving. Your personal insurance coverage is not enough to cover you in case of an accident. In most cases, it actually voids your policy altogether. 


As a result, big insurance companies developed the “rideshare endorsement” policy to cover you during rideshare driving. As we mentioned above, it is basically just an extra charge and usually drives your rates up close to typical commercial auto insurance prices. Which leads us to another option, commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto policies are typically all covering, but they are incredibly expensive. 


So your options are limited and typically expensive, but that’s not the biggest problem...Almost all of these insurance options have gaps in coverage.

The Coverage Gaps Explained

The gaps in coverage that exist between your policy and the ridesharing company insurance policy are not being talked about enough. Many drivers find themselves in a bad situation with coverage after collisions. Let’s illuminate some of the issues. 


First, you need to understand the three coverage periods and the coverage you need at each time.

  • Period 1: App is ON and drivers are waiting for a fare match (trolling period)

  • Period 2: Fare is accepted and drivers are traveling to pick up the passenger.

  • Period 3: Driving passenger in the car to their destination


Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have expanded their own insurance policies to carry $1 million in liability protection, but there are still some gaps in coverage. Their policies only cover drivers once they have been matched with a fare (period 2) and when they are carrying a pax (period 3). The biggest gap lies in Period 1 when you are trolling around waiting for the next fare.


Most personal auto insurance policies do not cover you during any of the periods, because they are not commercial auto policies. Rideshare endorsement and commercial auto policies fill this gap, but you will definitely pay extra for it. So what’s the solution? How can we make rideshare insurance easier and simpler?

Buckle Fills The Gaps

We saw this problem first hand when our leadership was writing commercial insurance policies for Uber and Lyft drivers over the past 5 years. We knew there had to be a better way…


Buckle handles everything with one easy solution. A Buckle policy will have you covered for both personal and commercial use of your vehicle at a price lower than the competition. We’re talking about total coverage at better prices just for rideshare drivers.


Rideshare insurance doesn’t have to be hard. Get complete coverage and fill the gaps with Buckle. Get a quote today!


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It’s so easy to get started.

Buckle car insurance rates in Atlanta start at $55/month.



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