Delivery & Rideshare Insurance in Texas

Looking for delivery driver and rideshare insurance in Texas? You’ve found it with Buckle. Our policies combine personal and gig driver insurance so you can be covered no matter when you’re driving. Get a quote today and see how much money you can save with Buckle!

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Auto Policies Designed for Texas Rideshare & Delivery Drivers

Our gig auto insurance was designed exclusively for delivery and rideshare drivers in Texas. 

We are the leading company for Texas rideshare insurance, offering coverage for companies like Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Favor, UberEats and more. Because our gig insurance was designed for rideshare and delivery drivers, many of our customers have reported saving $50 - $200 per month when switching to Buckle.

Rideshare and delivery companies offer inconsistent insurance protection with exemptions that can result in high-deductibles for gig drivers. Buckle offers insurance coverage for personal, rideshare and delivery drivers in Texas. We do not use credit scores to determine your rate. Instead, we use your driving record and other data sources to provide you with a fair quote.

Delivery & Rideshare Insurance in Texas That You Can Rely On

As a trusted rideshare insurance company in Texas, we understand the kind of auto insurance coverage you need for both personal and paid gig driving. All of our policies are designed to meet the specific needs of gig drivers. Rates are based on your driving record, not your credit score. 

Whether you drive for delivery services like Doordash, Grubhub or UberEats, or work for rideshare companies like Uber & Lyft, your personal car insurance may not cover you during the time you're working. While some major insurance carriers offer gig insurance, you can save money by bundling your personal and delivery driver insurance with Buckle.

Rideshare & Delivery Companies We Cover in Texas

Driving for Uber? Read this.

You can rely on Buckle's Uber rideshare insurance in Texas. Buckle coverage applies whether you’re on a paid gig or on your personal time. This gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your freedom knowing Buckle has your back. We offer insurance coverage with deductibles as low as $500. Read more …

Lyft Drivers Need Rideshare Insurance

Buckle’s Lyft insurance in Texas offers the coverage you need at reasonable rates. When you’re not on the job or when you’re on to your next rideshare gig, Buckle has you covered 24/7. Sign up and get approved for Lyft rideshare insurance in just a few easy steps. Read more …

If you drive for Grubhub.

Choosing Buckle's Grubhub insurance in Texas will give you the security to drive with confidence. Our policies were created to cover whether you are delivering your next order for Grubhub or driving to meet friends on your day off. Read more …

Delivery drivers for Doordash.

Gig drivers need Doordash insurance in Texas to ensure 24/7  driving coverage. Your rate is determined by your driving record, not your credit score. We offer fair pricing that means you can cover your vehicle when delivering with Doordash and when driving for personal reasons. Read more …

Gig driver for UberEats? You need delivery driver insurance.

Get Buckle’s UberEats insurance in Texas and drive with confidence. Our combined personal and delivery driver insurance will keep you protected, so you can focus on driving, and let Buckle handle your protection. Read more …

Instacart drivers should read this.

Buckle’s Instacart insurance in Texas is easy to sign up for. Instacart requires all gig drivers to maintain a business use policy. With Buckle, delivery drivers can get coverage for personal and business driving.  Read more …

Amazon Flex drivers need delivery insurance.

Get a free insurance quote for Amazon Flex insurance in Texas from Buckle. Our auto insurance policies were developed for gig drivers who are looking for personal and commercial coverage. Deductibles start at $500. Read more …

Drive for Favor? Keep reading.

Find Favor insurance in Texas when you sign up with Buckle. With our gig insurance, you can combine personal and delivery driver insurance into one policy. Get Buckle’s delivery driver insurance and know you’re covered. Read more...

What about delivery driver insurance for GoPuff?

We have you covered. Buckle can provide the best GoPuff delivery driver insurance to fit your needs. Getting started is simple, and we will help you every step of the way. Don’t wait any longer, get the GoPuff insurance covered you need today! Read more …

Why Buckle’s Texas Rideshare & Delivery Driver Insurance is Better

We’ll treat you fairly, because that’s what you deserve.

Have Peace of Mind

With Buckle, you'll have all the coverage you need for personal and gig driving. No guesswork. Just peace of mind.

There are No Credit Checks

We do not check your credit. We look at your driving record instead. We feel it is a fairer way to judge how you drive.

Get Immediate Proof of Insurance

Sign up today and you will be covered immediately. We'll even help you cancel your old policy, so you don't have to worry about wasting your money.

The Best Customer Service for Gig Drivers

Our customer service ranks among the best for gig drivers in Texas… and, we'll be the only number to call when you need help

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Delivery & Rideshare Insurance in Texas

Looking for delivery driver and rideshare insurance in Texas? You’ve found it with Buckle. Our policies combine personal and gig driver insurance so you can be covered no matter when you’re driving. Get a quote today and see how much money you can save with Buckle!


Any questions, just give us a call: 1.866.828.2553

What is the process to get Buckle?

Connect your driving accounts

Buckle is made only for rideshare and delivery drivers, so we have to make sure your account is active. The connection is totally secure and super fast.

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Confirm driver and vehicle info

Select what cars and drivers you want to insure. You will need VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) for the vehicles and driver's license information, so make sure you have that handy.


Select what coverage you want

Buckle offers Full Coverage (what we recommend), or Basic (liability) coverage. We also have different deductibles to meet your needs.

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Purchase Buckle

Input your payment info and you're good to go. We do require a bit more in your first payment to cover processing and legal fees. So don't be alarmed that it's a bit higher than your monthly payment.


Cancel your old insurance

Buckle is the only insurance policy you will need, so you can go ahead and cancel your old insurance. We'll have you covered from Day 1 so you can start saving right away.

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“What am I not saving with Buckle? Buckle is freaking amazing.”

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