If You're a Gig Driver, You Need Rideshare Insurance

As a driver for a Transportation Network Company (TNC), you have unique ride-sharing insurance requirements, and you must maintain your own auto insurance. You're a professional driver using your personal automobile to do business, so you need rideshare insurance that covers you for both personal and commercial vehicle use.

Get a free quote with no credit check from the only rideshare insurance designed just for gig workers like you – Buckle. The best part? You can save up to $200* a month with us.

*savings based on actual customer feedback reported to Buckle and are not typical. Your savings, if any, will likely be less.

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Buckle Rideshare Insurance for Transportation Network Platform Partners like Uber or Lyft

Get our specially designed insurance for transporting passengers when you drive for one or more of Buckle's TNC partners.

Make sure we cover all your gigs. Please check your policy documents page 2 for your approved gig companies. Contact us to update your policy.

Why We Let Buckle's Rideshare Insurance Customers Speak For Themselves

We created Buckle rideshare insurance to better meet the needs of gig drivers – here's what they have to say about it.

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“What am I not saving with Buckle? Buckle is freaking amazing.”

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“I get to keep that money and put it towards going back to school.”

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“Buckle is giving me more time to do things I like. I started a business.”

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Why Do I Need Rideshare Insurance?

With traditional insurance solutions, gig workers pay more and can still be left unprotected.

The company you have your personal policy with may offer replacement or supplementary rideshare insurance, but typically these policies are more expensive and can leave gaps in coverage. Commercial rideshare insurance is great – if you can afford it. Commercial policies weren't designed to be gig driver insurance, so they are cost-prohibitive and probably way more than you need.

We built Buckle from the ground up in response to a rapidly growing gig economy. We have a fresh perspective on ride-sharing insurance, so we can offer what you need to be a successful gig driver – low rates and 24/7 coverage.

Lyft Insurance vs. Uber Insurance

As the two largest transportation network platforms in the U.S., let's take a quick look at Buckle's insurance for Uber drivers versus insurance for Lyft drivers.

  • Rideshare insurance for Lyft Drivers. Buckle policy coverage applies for all periods of driving. Plus, Lyft helps Buckle drivers earn more.

  • Uber insurance. Buckle policy coverage applies for periods of personal driving. Also, if you have a covered loss on the job and purchased Buckle's comprehensive or collision coverage, and their deductible is higher than your Buckle deductible, we pay the difference.

A Different Kind of Rideshare Insurance Company

Buckle provides insurance for gig workers including rideshare and delivery drivers, so that you can be covered 24/7 for personal and commercial use of your vehicle without breaking the bank.

We don't check credit when we evaluate drivers for rideshare insurance – we believe driving records are a fairer and better representation of you as a gig driver.

We understand your needs better. We offer gig workers exclusive industry content, free and discounted benefits at major retailers and personalized analytics across your platforms with a free membership.

Buckle Up and Drive With the Industry's Best Rideshare Insurance

It costs nothing but time to see how much you can save with Buckle. Take five minutes and get a quote. Once you purchase, your Buckle rideshare insurance coverage begins immediately.

Our Rideshare Coverage

Rideshare Insurance FAQs

Here are some common questions and answers about rideshare insurance.

What Is a TNC or Rideshare Driver?

What Is Rideshare Insurance?

I Plan to Start Gig Driving Soon. Can I Get Buckle's Rideshare Insurance Now?

See How Much You Can Save on Rideshare Insurance From Buckle

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