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Buckle Launches Rideshare-only Auto Insurance in Tennessee

Buckle expands availability of affordable, comprehensive auto insurance that covers gig drivers both on and off the clock to Tennessee

JERSEY CITY, N.J. and NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Jan. 28, 2021 — Buckle, a tech-enabled financial services company, announced its rideshare-only auto insurance is now available in Tennessee. Last year, the company launched the first of its kind insurance, providing rideshare and Transportation Network Company (TNC) drivers with personal and commercial coverage in one, affordable policy to eligible rideshare drivers in Georgia. 

“Buckle is giving gig rideshare drivers long deserved peace of mind by making affordable auto coverage, whether on or off the clock, easily accessible in one comprehensive policy,” said Sharon Fernandez, Head of Insurance at Buckle. “Previously, rideshare drivers were left with few options to stay protected on the road, but Buckle Insurance has been well received since our initial launch, insuring gig drivers throughout Georgia, and we are positioned to rapidly expand in Q1 of this year.”

The exploding U.S. gig workforce has created challenges for the insurance industry since these workers do not meet the underwriting models used by most insurance companies – salaried employees with good credit who have predictable incomes and behaviors. The difficulty in underwriting an insurance policy for gig drivers based on traditional credit scoring leaves them with only high premiums.

Buckle’s auto insurance products use non-traditional, rich data sources available on gig workers that traditional insurers do not have access to, including driving track records, crowdsourced from thousands of trips. This allows Buckle to provide affordable auto insurance to this new risk class that falls in-between non-prime and deep sub-prime.

Here’s what customers are saying about saving on auto insurance with Buckle:

  • “With Buckle, I’m saving over $250 a month…I’m putting my savings toward my company, my vehicle, and my family…Give Buckle a shot. It’s very personal. You’re not a number; you’re a person. They’ll take care of you 24/7.” – Jason Casillo 
  • “I’m saving $300 with Buckle, and I’m grateful for that….My savings are amazing. The first day I heard about Buckle, I got a quote…Driving for rideshare costs you a lot. Buckle helps take care of that…I feel blessed to have this opportunity come to me.” – Kareem Beckford
  • “With Buckle, I’m saving about $200 a month, if not more. I’m saving money and covering two cars with full coverage…The savings are just amazing…I absolutely love Buckle. It makes my life easier.” – Nicole Jones 
  • “Buckle cut my insurance costs in half. I’m able to put that money into other things…I wish I found Buckle sooner…Give it a shot. After two months, you’ll understand.” – Cornell Patrick
  • “I’m saving $300 a month with Buckle. I get to push those funds to savings…I get to put it toward going back to school.” – Michiah Porter 

Buckle is working with TNCs that employ gig workers, including rideshare companies, food delivery companies, and package delivery companies.

For a quote on better insurance in Tennessee at fairer prices and with no credit check, go to or call1.866.828.2553. 

About Buckle

Buckle provides a financial services platform that focuses on insurance, credit, and advocacy for the gig economy. The company is reinventing the insurance model to more efficiently manage risk, supporting the entire ecosystem of drivers, fleets, and transportation network platforms to help everyone achieve economic freedom. Connect with Buckle on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit

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