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Why We Started Buckle

Dustin Walsey
January 22, 2020

Buckle is the solution to this glaring, modern problem. We have created a hybrid policy that is unlike anything else on the market.

The evolution of ridesharing has created a problem for insurance companies. Handling the risk for both personal and commercial insurance does not fit into their wheelhouse. Big companies have fallen prey to playing it safe for their own best interest and forcing the rideshare driver to carry all of the weight. The inability to adapt to this new form of transportation has left the rideshare driver with few options to stay protected while on the road.

It’s simply not fair.

Buckle is the solution to this glaring, modern problem. We have created a hybrid policy that is unlike anything else on the market. Now rideshare drivers can get personal and commercial coverage as one product. Our customers enjoy complete coverage at competitive prices. No longer do they need to worry about who has their back in case of an accident.

Our underwriting is innovative, unique and in the best interest of every party involved. The TNC, the driver, the public and regulators all benefit from Buckle. How are we able to do this? We put our trust in the driver. Rideshare drivers use their car to generate revenue. We believe that means they treat their car much more carefully. Normal drivers have less on the line than rideshare drivers during their day-to-day routine. While a fender-bender may be a minor inconvenience to some, rideshare drivers can’t afford to have their car held up with repairs. They are losing money each minute their car is out of commission. On top of that, the rideshare driver is under much higher scrutiny than the average driver. Every trip their performance is rated. Would you give a 5 star rating to someone who is talking on their phone while driving? Most likely not. Rideshare drivers are looking out for themselves, their passengers and others on the road more carefully because their livelihood depends on it. We can depend on their safe behaviors and reward them with insurance coverage that is based on a proven track record that has been crowdsourced over thousands of trips.

Our main priority is to bolster the rideshare workforce. We want to get these drivers the services they deserve at a better price. Beginning with insurance and potentially branching out into other ventures, we can offer products that no other company is willing to. That is what separates us from the rest. By becoming partners with the rideshare community we are prepared to make lifetime relationships and aid people throughout their careers.

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