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What Is the Penalty for Giving False Insurance Information or Using a Fake Car Insurance Card?

Buckle Team
October 25, 2022

Using a fake car insurance card is doubly troublesome for gig drivers. It causes serious problems with the state you drive in and the company you drive for. The penalty for giving false insurance information is substantial.

Despite the downsides, some drivers with an eye for controlling their expenses may opt for fake car insurance cards. This article will explore why that's a bad idea, what you should do instead and how Buckle can help with the gig insurance coverage you need.

The Need for Authentic Auto Insurance

Before discussing the dangers of a fake car insurance card, it's essential to understand the requirement for auto insurance. Nearly every U.S. state stipulates that drivers must carry car insurance. Most specify a minimum amount of liability insurance to cover bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident and property damage. Some require other types of coverage, such as uninsured/underinsured driver's insurance.

Most major rideshare and delivery companies also require their drivers to carry insurance coverage. For instance, both Uber's Insurance Requirements page and Lyft's Insurance page clearly state that drivers must have insurance that meets their state's minimum coverage requirements.

Does Uber Verify Insurance?

Like other delivery and rideshare companies, Uber requires drivers to upload proof of auto insurance. Your insurance card can be used as Uber's proof of insurance, although the company may also need you to upload your insurance declaration page in some instances. Insurance documentation is a requirement for gig drivers.

Purchase Your Auto Insurance From Buckle

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How Easy Is It to Get a Fake Car Insurance Card?

It's relatively easy to get a fake car insurance card. Numerous fraudsters are willing to take advantage of gig drivers looking to save money on their insurance.  

Check your insurance card carefully. If it doesn't list all the necessary information or looks odd, contact the insurance company directly and ask them to verify your insurance. You can report this type of insurance fraud to the appropriate agency in your state. It pays to be careful to ensure you have the proper car insurance coverage and don't get a fake car insurance card.

What Is the Penalty for Giving False Insurance Information?

Whether you use a fake card intentionally or unintentionally, there's a significant penalty for giving false insurance information. Every state requiring drivers to carry insurance has designated punishments for those who do not do so. The sanctions vary by state, but if you're caught using a fake car insurance card, you could face:

  • Fines — Even first-time offenders usually must pay a certain amount of money as punishment.
  • A suspended license — Many states will suspend a driver's license until the person can supply proof of legitimate car insurance.
  • Arrest — The punishment for repeated offenses often results in an arrest.
  • Criminal charges — If you purposely present fake proof of insurance to a police officer or your state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you could face criminal fraud charges.

Also, people who drive without insurance are deemed risky drivers and face higher insurance premiums when they subsequently contract for auto insurance.

The consequences of using a fake car insurance card don't end there. If your rideshare or delivery company discovers you don't have proper car insurance, they can deactivate your account. You don't want to submit a fake insurance card for Uber or Uber Eats and risk deactivation.

Why You Shouldn't Use a Fake Car Insurance Card

While getting a fake car insurance card may be easy, it's harder to pull off the fraud over the long term. If you let your auto insurance lapse, most insurance companies will report you to your state DMV, which will land you in a database of uninsured drivers. Police officers can check this database during a traffic stop or accident and immediately flag you as uninsured, exposing you to the penalties listed above.

In the end, using a fake car insurance card is self-defeating. If you're found liable for an accident, you may be required to pay thousands of dollars in damages, negating any savings you may have realized from not having car insurance.

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