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What Is Rideshare Insurance?

August 30, 2022

Rideshare coverage means peace of mind for Uber and Lyft drivers – and delivery drivers, too. So, what is rideshare insurance? And how much is rideshare insurance going to cost?

If you drive for Uber or Lyft, you might be surprised to learn that your personal auto policy almost certainly does not include rideshare coverage – and the insurance you get from Lyft or Uber definitely has coverage gaps. So, what is rideshare insurance? As a rideshare driver, it's important to consider opting for additional rideshare insurance from a private insurance company.  

Let's get down to the basics. We'll explain what rideshare coverage is, how it works and why it's essential for anyone who drives for Uber, Lyft or any other rideshare provider. Once you know more, we'll explain how Buckle can help you obtain a rideshare insurance policy.  

Why Uber and Lyft Drivers Need Rideshare Coverage

Did you know that you're not completely insured when you're driving for Uber and Lyft? The extent to which you're insured depends on whether you're picking up or dropping off a passenger. Uber and Lyft have it broken down into 4 periods:

  • Period 0: Offline. No Uber/Lyft coverage.
  • Period 1: Online, no rider. Some liability coverage provided by Uber/Lyft.
  • Period 2: Starts when you take a ride request and proceed to pick up the passenger. Liability and collision coverage provided with $2,500 deductible.
  • Period 3: Starts when your passenger enters your vehicle and ends when they get out. Liability and collision coverage provided with $2,500 deductible.

Think your personal auto insurance policy covers you? Think again! Your personal car insurance policy will likely only cover damages incurred while driving on your own time. Once you're on the clock as a Lyft or Uber driver, your personal insurance company is probably no longer responsible. This is also true of other rideshare drivers, who are only protected by their employer under certain conditions.

buckle rideshare coverage

Just to note, companies offering ride hailing services (like taxicabs) generally provide a commercial insurance policy to their drivers while they are operating the cab, even when they are between passengers.

Coverage for Delivery Drivers

Uber and Lyft drivers need rideshare coverage, but delivery drivers need to be covered, as well. Delivery drivers must be protected as they transport food, household goods and other products to customers.  

In most cases, companies will cover drivers while the merchandise is in their vehicle, but once delivery is complete, the driver is on their own. And their personal insurance will almost certainly not cover ridesharing or delivery drivers who are on the clock. Additional insurance is typically needed to supplement their personal insurance coverage for the times they are en route to pick up merchandise for delivery and as they return after making a delivery.  

Delivery drivers who need additional insurance coverage work for companies like:  

Buckle Delivery Driver Insurance

Where to Buy Rideshare Insurance Policies

If you work for a rideshare company and want to be covered the entire time you're driving your vehicle, you have two options. First, you can go to your personal insurance company and tell them you need additional insurance because you are a rideshare driver. They may (or may not) offer rideshare insurance in addition to your personal car insurance policy. Some auto insurance companies consider rideshare drivers a bad risk and don't offer rideshare insurance.

Or you can sign up for rideshare coverage with Buckle – a company that provides car insurance exclusively to rideshare and delivery drivers – whether you're using your car for business or pleasure. One policy does it all!

How Much Is Rideshare Insurance?

If you go through a dedicated rideshare insurer like Buckle, our rates are competitive because we specialize in rideshare and delivery coverage. Your rideshare insurance cost will likely be more elsewhere. Remember that you'll be quoted a higher rate if you add collision insurance to your policy.  

If you have an accident that's your fault, liability insurance protects your passengers and the other driver's vehicle. Collision insurance covers repairs to your vehicle if it's damaged in an accident.  

What Is Rideshare Insurance From Buckle? It's Peace of Mind Protection for You

At Buckle, we're dedicated to supporting rideshare drivers like you with affordable protection every time you get behind the wheel. Currently, we offer gig insurance coverage in select states, but we continue to grow. Find out if rideshare coverage is available in your state. Coverages and prices vary by state. Always refer to your policy for specific coverages.

Buckle advantages include:  

  • No Credit Check: We're more concerned about the quality of your driving than the score on your credit report.
  • Low Deductible: As low as $500. When you compare prices with other carriers, be sure to take the deductible into account.
  • Great Customer Service: We're with you mile after mile. Buckle agents are experts because Buckle specialize in rideshare and delivery coverage.  

You can also sign up for a FREE Buckle membership, which provides plenty of valuable offers and helpful information for rideshare drivers.  

Get a quote today and find out how Buckle can save you money when purchasing rideshare insurance policies!

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