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The Ease of Switching Auto Insurance Companies

March 31, 2020

Discover how switching auto insurance can be easy online at Buckle. We cover the steps to switch car insurance companies. We also discover the reasons switching car insurance for your rideshare business is a must.

Switching Auto Insurance Companies Made Easy 

For rideshare drivers, auto insurance is essential to protect your income, your property, and your interests. However, the wrong insurance company may leave gaps in your coverage, cost you a fortune, or even fail to protect you after an accident. Don’t settle for subpar rideshare driver coverage. Switching auto insurance companies is easy with Buckle, the auto insurance provider specifically designed to give rideshare drivers the coverage you need.

Did you know you can switch auto insurance coverage at any time? That’s right! You don’t need to wait until your renewal period to switch car insurance plans. You can even switch if you have an open claim with your current company. Don’t let misconceptions confuse or intimidate you. You’re not tied to your current insurance company, which is good news for rideshare drivers.

Understanding the right coverage and avoiding gaps for rideshare auto insurance isn’t easy. Thankfully, Buckle makes it easy to get the coverage you need. Plus, switching car insurance to Buckle is simple!​

Reasons to Switch Car Insurance to Buckle Rideshare Auto Insurance

Buckle offers an auto insurance solution specific for rideshare drivers. You get the rideshare insurance coverage you need all in one plan. Plus, we don’t use outdated rating formulas. Instead, we focus on what matters for rideshare drivers. Our quotes are based on your driving. This means instead of weighing your credit score to determine your premium, we look at the ratings from your riders.

Because we only offer insurance coverage to rideshare drivers, we’re able to keep our rates low. You choose the specific coverage to meet your needs and budget. Regardless of the plan you select, you get coverage for both personal and rideshare driving in a single policy.

Another common issue with rideshare insurance is gaps in coverage based on how you’re using your vehicle. Other companies shift coverage based on where you are in the rideshare experience. With Buckle, we’ve got you covered whenever you drive. We’re not looking for holes in the process, like when you’re parked and waiting for a rider, to limit your coverage.

Our goal is to offer an innovative insurance solution for your innovative place in the gig economy. Overall, Buckle is the smart auto insurance choice for rideshare drivers to get the best rates for the right coverage in one policy.

The Process of Switching Auto Insurance Companies

Switching to Buckle is easy! You don’t need to wait until your renewal period to start saving. You can make the shift at any time. Plus, we’ll walk you through the process to make it even easier.

Step 1 – Get a Quote

Buckle makes it simple to get a quote for rideshare auto insurance. To start, click Get A Quote anywhere on the Buckle website. Then connect your rideshare and delivery accounts, confirm your driver and car information, and see quotes for our coverage. Our rates include personal and rideshare coverage. Also, we don’t check your credit score and there’s zero commitment to buy. Our insurance policy is sold exclusively to rideshare drivers, so we must connect your Lyft account to make sure you’re an active driver.

Step 2 – Sign Up for Buckle Insurance

Once you see our rates and decide to switch auto insurance, choose your coverage and complete the purchase. You just need to make the commitment and pay for your first month. You will be insured immediately after your first payment!

Step 3 – Cancel Your Current Insurance

We’ll help you cancel your current insurance coverage; however, to avoid paying for two insurance policies, you’ll need to contact your existing company to confirm cancellation. You may even receive a refund for your premium on your old insurance policy. Check out our blog post How to Cancel Your Current Insurance for instructions on how to cancel your old policy.

Step 4 – Print Out Your New ID Card

In today’s high-tech world it seems a little silly to have printed insurance cards. But, if you’re pulled over or in an accident, a printed card is helpful. Print out your new proof of coverage and keep it handy when you drive. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Things to Consider When Switching Auto Insurance

We understand that auto insurance feels complex. That’s why we created Buckle in the first place. We wanted to simplify auto insurance for rideshare drivers. First off, you want to ensure your old policy stops once your Buckle policy starts. Also, if you have scheduled an automatic bill payment, remember to change your payment options with your bank. However, don’t cancel your current policy until you’ve received confirmation your Buckle policy has started. You don’t want gaps in your coverage, even for a day. Also, once you cancel your old policy, remember to ask about a refund.

If you had an accident before switching auto insurance companies to Buckle, be sure to file a claim with your existing insurance company before you switch. You can still switch insurance companies during an open claim.

Get the Coverage You Need at a Price You Can Afford

One of the main reasons people switch auto insurance is for a lower rate. With Buckle, we also offer the benefit of one plan for all your driving coverage. We are not an add-on policy; we are the only auto policy you need. Our mission is to help rideshare drivers succeed. We do that with low rates tailored to the specific needs of rideshare drivers.

Plus, we don’t base our rates on traditional criteria, like your credit score. We look at how you drive to determine your rates. We’ve found the best indicator of driver risks is the ratings in the rideshare apps. Typically rideshare drivers just drive better because it’s their job. We take these factors into account to offer the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Switch to Buckle and Save

Start saving today! Don’t wait to switch. Buckle makes it easy to transition to a more affordable rideshare auto insurance option. Request a quote today to get the right coverage tailored to your rideshare gig. We’ll answer your questions and walk you through the process to make the change. Contact us today!

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