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How To Contact Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash Driver Support

Harry Campbell The Rideshare Guy
July 22, 2022

Something has gone wrong with your Uber app, or DoorDash order - now what? Here’s how to contact the top gig platforms and get the resolution you want.

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As a gig worker, there are many reasons why you would need tocontact a gig company. For example, you go to pick up an order and therestaurant is closed, and you need to inform gig companies like Uber Eats or DoorDash so thatthey can cancel the order for you.

Another example is if there is an issue with your payment and you need to contact them to see what is going on. Whatever the reason may be, it is essential to understand the different ways you can contact your gig company.

How to Contact Uber

Uber drivers can run into multiple issues when driving for the company. Sometimes the driver may need to contact Uber support if they cannot find a rider.

Other times drivers may have problems with the app glitching or not functioning correctly. A call to Uber support should help to resolve the issue.

One way to contact Uber support would be through the app itself. Towards the top of the app, there are three horizontal lines that bring a drop-down menu of settings. One of those settings is labeled ‘help’ which directs you to the option of contacting Uber support via text message or phone call.

There is also a hotline dedicated to Uber drivers called the Critical Safety Response Line (800-353-8237). This line can be used for more serious scenarios such as emergencies. But if the situation is of immediate urgency, it would be best to just call 911.

Uber Greenlight Hubs

Uber is eliminating 40% of its Greenlight Hubs in an attempt to cut back costly measures. It was announced on May 7 that 180 Greenlight Hubs will no longer be operational to offset the losses the company accumulated during the pandemic.

Greenlight Hubs are important for drivers because they provide help with things such as onboarding, vehicle inspections, and any other issues related to the Uber community. It is a place that provides in-person support and it is a convenience for drivers that want or need immediate assistance with their issues and/or concerns.

The company has yet to release an official list of which Greenlight hubs will be closing. Their announcement of closing 40% of their locations worldwide will mean that drivers will have to travel even further to reach a Greenlight Hub, which is why I recommend reaching out through the app first.

How to Contact Lyft

Lyft drivers can run into similar issues as Uber drivers. You might have car troubles such as a flat tire or an unresponsive engine and need to contact support to deal with the rider you might have in your vehicle.

The process of contacting support is similar to Uber. On the app, there is a settings menu with an option to contact support via text or call.

An example of reporting an accident or collision to Lyft

Depending on the severity of the issue Lyft might require text only instead of calling, since calling is reserved for more serious issues such as car issues or rider issues.

Lyft also has a Critical Safety Response Line (855-865-9553).

How to Contact DoorDash

As a DoorDash driver, there are several reasons why you may need to contact DoorDash help. These reasons include:

  • Canceling an order because a restaurant doesn’t have it
  • A DoorDash customer cannot be reached
  • The restaurant is closed

For every order that you receive, there is a help option towards the bottom of the order screen. From there, you can either select chat or call Dasher support. Wait times vary but from experience, chat is typically faster since most Dashers prefer to call.

How to Contact Instacart

Like DoorDash grocery orders, Instacart drivers may need to contact support to resolve an issue with a missing item or an inability to reach the customer. Without contacting support, the app will not allow the driver to move forward with the order, leaving the driver stranded.

Another reason why a driver may need to contact support is if there is an issue with delivery/drop-off. For example, a driver may have instructions to contact the customer for drop-off and is unable to contact them. Drivers will have to contact support to be able to proceed with the order and get paid for it.

Instacart drivers can access support by clicking on a question mark icon at the top right of the main screen. This leads to a series of options pertaining to the topic with one of them being able to contact support via phone call.

Most of these ways to get help from Instacart are for customers, but you can log in to your Instacart shopper app for specific shopper help

The Best Ways to Get a Response When You Need Help

When you need help from a gig company, you may be flustered or frustrated. Remember that being respectful and polite go a long way to getting a resolution!.

Being clear and concise with questions also speeds up the process of getting help from support. This will also allow the support chat to move on to the next driver and make more agents available to resolve issues that drivers may have.

Additional methods of contacting any of these gig companies can be found on their respective websites. Besides texting and calling, another method of contacting gig companies is to reach out on social media, like Uber Support, for example. Keep your message short, provide the date/time - and don’t forget to tag the company!

Sometimes wait times to reach support can be longer than usual, especially depending on the day and time. One tip that has helped me lower the wait times to reach support is to get on both waiting lists (if there is one), call and text. This way I can use whatever method is available first since both methods have different wait times and volumes.

Whichever method you decide to use to get in touch with one of the gig companies, just remember to be clear and concise. Know what you want (reimbursed for a ride? To have a request cleared if a restaurant is closed?) and follow up if you don’t hear back. Agents are busy, so try to create an easy win-win solution for you both!

Harry Campbell is a former Boeing Aerospace Engineer and founder of, a blog, podcast and Youtube channel for ridehail drivers and other gig workers and author of, The Rideshare Guide. Over the years, Harry has covered the gig economy industry closely and talked to tens of thousands of drivers and gig workers about their experience on the road.

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