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GrubHub Insurance Requirements: What You Need to Know About GrubHub Car Insurance

Buckle Team
October 11, 2022

If you're driving for GrubHub, you need to understand GrubHub insurance requirements. GrubHub drivers face unique circumstances because the company doesn't operate like most other food delivery services.

Does GrubHub Require Insurance?

Yes, GrubHub requires its drivers to carry car insurance. The company's list of driver requirements includes "have auto insurance." This is in addition to other conditions, such as having a:

  • Driver's license
  • Smartphone with a data plan
  • Checking account

Since GrubHub doesn't specify any minimum coverage for its food delivery drivers, your first recourse is to check your state's requirements. Most states require drivers to carry at least a certain amount of liability coverage for bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident and property damage. Many have other requirements, such as having uninsured/underinsured driver's insurance.

Does GrubHub Provide Auto Insurance for Its Drivers?

No, GrubHub does not provide any form of car insurance for GrubHub drivers. The company is an outlier in this regard since many food delivery services like DoorDash,  Postmates and Uber Eats provide some type of auto insurance for their food delivery drivers.  

But even these companies place certain limits on the insurance they offer, such as only providing coverage while drivers are making deliveries but not while they're on app, waiting for their next gigs.

How Can Drivers Find GrubHub Car Insurance?

Since the company itself offers no GrubHub insurance coverage, drivers must find their own GrubHub car insurance. One thing you need to understand is that your personal policy will most likely not cover you while you're driving for GrubHub. Most insurance companies specify that their personal car insurance policies do not provide business-use coverage, which includes food delivery.

One alternative is to sign up for a rider or commercial car insurance policy, which can be expensive. Plus, it can be confusing having two different insurance policies.

Buckle Delivers the GrubHub Driver Insurance You Need

If you're looking for GrubHub driver insurance that meets your requirements, Buckle is the way to go. We offer one policy that covers both your personal and business driving, eliminating the need for a commercial policy and the confusion and uncertainty that go with it.  

Our car insurance for GrubHub drivers covers you off- and on-app, even when you're waiting for your next delivery. When you sign up for GrubHub driver insurance with Buckle, you get the coverage you need, backed by our unparalleled customer service.  

Make Sure You Understand GrubHub Insurance Requirements

It can't be stated clearly enough: While GrubHub insurance requirements specify that you must have auto insurance, the company itself offers no GrubHub insurance coverage. You have to be proactive in getting the GrubHub car insurance you need to stay protected. Also, if you have personal car insurance, your existing policy will almost certainly not cover you for business purposes, such as food delivery. You are responsible for ensuring you have the necessary coverage when driving for GrubHub.

Trust Buckle for an All-in-One GrubHub Car Insurance Solution

Buckle provides GrubHub car insurance that covers you on- and off-app, so you can concentrate on food deliveries rather than worry about your insurance. We offer competitive rates with deductibles as low as $500. And we believe your rates should be based on factors like your driving record and garaging ZIP code — not your credit rating. That's why we'll never run a credit check when we quote your insurance policy. Request a quote today and see the difference Buckle can make.

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