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Dustin Walsey, Buckle Co-Founder, Joined The Rideshare Guy Podcast

Dustin talks all about how Buckle began and our foundation of supporting gig workers.

We know this isn’t technically a blog post, but podcasts are in the blog, we figured it was a great idea to post this here.

Dustin Walsey, one of Buckle's co-founders, spoke with Harry Campbell (aka The Rideshare guy) in his latest podcast, "RSG169: A New Kind of Rideshare Insurance Company". Dustin and Harry cover a variety of subjects including the big one: how to get something that covers drivers completely at an affordable price. Dustin also chats about how he got involved in rideshare insurance, what rideshare insurance is, what Buckle offers, what makes Buckle unique and more.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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