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Do You Need Special Insurance for DoorDash? Your Guide to DoorDash Insurance Requirements

Buckle Team
July 13, 2022

DoorDash insurance requirements can be confusing. We're here to help with information about DoorDash insurance coverage, from what your personal policy does and does not cover to what you can expect from the DoorDash insurance policy.

New delivery drivers often wonder, "Do you need special insurance for DoorDash?" It's essential to know the DoorDash insurance requirements when you become a DoorDash driver, or Dasher, to be protected when using your personal vehicle for business purposes.

Did you know that your personal auto insurance policy will likely not cover you when you get behind the wheel to earn money as a Dasher? You can't count on DoorDash's insurance policy to protect you either. Keep reading to find out what you need for DoorDash insurance coverage from Buckle. 

DoorDash Insurance Requirements

DoorDash's insurance requirement for Dashers is straightforward – you must maintain your own insurance. But things get a little tricky from there. 

A personal auto insurance policy is just that – personal. It usually doesn't cover business use. If you have an accident while driving your vehicle to earn money, your insurance company will probably deny your claim.

As a food delivery service driver using your vehicle to conduct business, you need special car insurance for DoorDash with personal- and business-use coverage.

Why Do You Need Insurance For DoorDash? Doesn't DoorDash Provide Insurance?

Yes, DoorDash has a commercial policy that provides up to $1 million in liability coverage, meaning the standard DoorDash insurance policy covers third parties for damages you are liable for – it won't cover your injuries or damages to your vehicle.

Furthermore, DoorDash car insurance only applies if you are on an active delivery, and you must go through your own insurance first and have your claim denied for the coverage to apply.

What's an Active Delivery?

An active delivery begins when you accept a delivery request and ends when the customer receives or cancels their order. If you are online but not on an active delivery and cause an accident, DoorDash's car insurance won't apply.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need For DoorDash?

You need to buy your own DoorDash insurance coverage that covers the business use of your vehicle. Delivery platforms like DoorDash have been around long enough that by now, many auto insurance companies have created supplemental or replacement policies for personal auto insurance to cover business use of personal vehicles. Some companies refer to these specialty policies as courier or delivery insurance. Others call it rideshare insurance.

There are a few things to keep in mind about purchasing DoorDash driver insurance from traditional auto insurance companies.

  • More mileage = higher rates. Delivering food for DoorDash is likely to raise your auto insurance rates.
  • Supplementing or replacing your personal policy with a business-use policy can be pricey.
  • Depending on the policy, your business-use DoorDash insurance coverage may still have gaps in coverage, leaving you unprotected.

Another option is a commercial insurance policy. With commercial car insurance for DoorDash, you are more likely to be covered, but these policies are typically prohibitively expensive and likely more than you need unless you are using a vehicle only to work.

At Buckle, DoorDash Insurance Coverage Is Different

Buckle insurance was made exclusively for rideshare and delivery drivers. It not only meets DoorDash insurance requirements for delivery car insurance, but it can also save you money – up to $200 a month.

*Savings based on actual reported customer experiences. Results not typical. Your savings if any will likely be less.  

Buckle covers personal and delivery use of your vehicle in one affordable policy with no gaps in your DoorDash insurance. With Buckle, you can expect:


  • A free quote
  • No credit check
  • Low rates
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Immediate coverage when you sign up

See How Much You Can Save on DoorDash Insurance Coverage With Buckle 

If you're a DoorDash driver, insurance requirements don't have to be complicated or costly. Buckle's auto insurance for DoorDash is a unique insurance solution for delivery drivers that provides 24/7 coverage at lower rates. Get a free, no-obligation quote to see how much you can save with Buckle.

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