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7 Need to Know Tips for Uber Drivers

Buckle Team
September 6, 2022

Being an Uber driver has become a popular side gig for many. Our top tips will give you ideas on how to maximize your earnings, provide the best customer service and know what insurance you need to be covered when driving.

In the last two years, independence and job flexibility have become high priority values for the American workforce. So it’s no surprise that many people have taken on Uber driving as their full-time job or a side gig. Not only does it offer the ability to create your own schedule; it also allows an extra income that can sometimes pay up to $25/hour. If you’re curious about how to start out or looking to make the most of this side gig, we’ve rounded up our top seven need to know tips for Uber Drivers below.  

Become a Street Smart Driver

The Uber Driver App comes equipped with a map system to help you with directions for navigation. But becoming familiar with the city you’re driving in can provide big benefits to optimizing your driving. Knowing shortcuts, detours or even one-way streets from memory can help provide a quick solution to potential accidents or traffic blockages. Additionally, having the knowledge of which businesses are in the area can be a great tip to give to any riders that are tourists and can also help you become familiar with the nearest public restroom for when you need it on the job.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Not only will having a clean vehicle put you at ease, but it will also make your riders feel more comfortable. It can even increase the chances of them labeling you as a favorite driver in the app, giving a tip and leaving a great review. Regular upkeep of your car including vacuuming the interior, taking it for a car wash, and even providing tissues for riders can all take you from a four to five star rating.  

Go the Extra Mile

Some riders have reported that they are most likely to tip their driver when they feel they’ve received above and beyond service. How do you do that as an Uber driver? Some ideas could include having snacks for riders, allowing them to select a playlist or music of their choice, complimentary water, ensuring the vehicle temperature is to their liking or even the simplest gesture of opening the door for them. Going the extra step to make sure your riders feel comfortable and cared for can really make a difference for the enjoyment of the ride for everyone.  

Download the Uber Passenger App

Downloading the Uber passenger app can show the location of other Uber drivers in the area much faster than the driver version of the app. This will give you the advantage of seeing which areas are more crowded with driver competition and avoid traffic jams. In addition, it will also reduce the cancellation rate of your passengers, especially if you can gauge whether other drivers are closer to a certain pick-up area than you are.  

Don’t Drive Around Aimlessly

It might seem that driving around the city from end to end will give you a better shot at getting more riders, but this actually has been proven to minimize the number of rides a driver is likely to get. Plus, if you’re too far away from a rider and try to get across the city, they might cancel if the wait is too long. The key is patience and setting a geographical boundary for yourself. Once you’re waiting, there is a better chance of rides coming up. However, it goes with saying to be mindful about your location bounds and if the area feels too small, expand little by little.

Take Advantage of Surge Pricing

Rain, rush-hour and Friday nights are many people’s least favorite time to drive because of how busy the roads can be. But, it’s also one of the most popular times when riders are likely to need an Uber. This is what causes surge pricing and for many drivers it can be a period of time that gives them the best pay rates on their route. So while it may be a bit busy to drive, stay cautious and make the most of the surge pricing.  

Know How Your Insurance Works

Being an Uber driver means you need your car insured. Knowing what kind of insurance you need and when you’re covered (for example, on the way to pick -up riders, in-between riders) is very important for ensuring your safety and accountability as a driver. Buckle makes it easy to figure out what insurance coverage works best for Uber drivers and offers various plans at the best prices.

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