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5 Ways To Be The Best Favor Driver

August 10, 2022

The Favor app has gained popularity in Texas with many opting for Favor over other delivery apps. Learn how to break into this side-gig with ease with our top tips for being the best Favor driver, which includes getting the best options for your insurance.

Delivery apps have had a notable breakout in the last few years in North America. It’s no surprise that the original applications that revolutionized app delivery, such as UberEats, are seeing an increase in competition from newer apps offering competitive benefits to their counterparts. Favor is one of the apps that has made its mark in Texas as a multi-faceted delivery service offering anything from groceries to restaurant meals, all under an hour and at a low delivery price -point. With its growing popularity, we’re including our top  tips to break-out into this delivery service and be the best Favor driver.

Keep A Hot/Cold Bag In Your Car

Being a Favor driver means you could be delivering anything from hot and ready to food to frozen groceries. Having an insulated bag in your car means you’re able to keep your customers’ food hot enough or prevent it from defrosting. Not only does this reduce the food odors that could linger in your vehicle, but it also protects your vehicle from any potential messes from spilled food. Your customers are more likely to be satisfied when their delivery arrives at the right temperature, meaning that the chances of receiving a tip are much higher. And if you’re finding that your car is constantly smelling like food, we recommend getting a quality air freshener or odor disinfectant to keep your car fresh and comfortable for your deliveries.  

Charge Your Phone

There is nothing worse than being mid-shop for a customers’ groceries only to have your phone die and the delivery cancel. It causes stress for both you and the customer, not to mention a potential loss of income from missing the delivery. Keeping your phone charged on the job is a very important factor to be the best Favor driver possible. Your phone is both your shopping list and directions to your delivery all in one. Keep a charger in your car for charging on the road and if you want to really prepare yourself, consider purchasing a portable charging bank as a back-up for when you’re out of your car. For more must have car accessories for gig drivers, check out our helpful list here.  

Know The Roads (And The Shortcuts)

When it comes to driving in traffic, knowing your way off the beaten path tends to work out in your favor. Rush hour times are popular for people placing orders, especially for post- work - dinner or groceries. In order to maximize the high times and your own time, we recommend becoming familiar with the smaller streets and roads. This way, any unexpected roadblocks, traffic jams or even just rush hour traffic can be minimized and avoided, allowing you to get your deliveries dropped off on time (or even early). This also maximizes your customer satisfaction rating and can potentially result in a bigger tip.  

Be Selective With Deliveries

This is one of the simplest, yet overlooked tips as a Favor driver and it’s crucial for protecting what your hourly wage ends up being. Two important things to consider when deciding to accept or decline a delivery are the order distance and the difficulty (for example, if it’s a grocery delivery, how many items are in the order). Some drivers like selecting grocery deliveries with a large number of items as the pay rate is high, while others know this might eat away at most of their time. Whatever your preference, it’s important to consider that driving a far way for a small delivery likely won’t be worth your while for the base pay + tip. In order to get into a good rhythm with this, you can approach it with a trial and error mindset. Start off by accepting most orders and as time goes on, you’ll eventually learn which ones are the best value for your time.  

Know How Your Insurance Works

Being an Favor driver means you need your car insured with a specific type of insurance. Knowing what kind of insurance you need and when you’re covered (like on the way to drop off deliveries) is important for ensuring accountability as a driver and helping you decide what coverage is suited to your work life. Buckle makes it easy to figure out what insurance coverage works best for Favor drivers. Unlike nearly all other personal carriers, Buckle can provide collision and comprehensive insurance coverage when you’re doing deliveries for Favor. And, they offer deductibles as low as $500, so you can get back on the road quicker. See how much you can save on gig insurance by getting a free, no-credit-check quote from Buckle today.

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