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5 Tips to Plan Ahead for Summer Rideshare Driving

Harry Campbell The Rideshare Guy
June 10, 2022

Summer season is officially here, and people can’t wait to get outside! That means a busy season for rideshare drivers and couriers. Here’s how to maximize your time on the road and strategize your earnings.

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Summer is nearly here! The summer months are often busy for drivers, making it a great time to optimize your income and take advantage of opportunities. The weather is warmer, and more and more people are attending events and in need of rides.

This season might also bring a lot of gatherings to your city and it’s best to prepare yourself for this uptick in traffic. Here are some practical and easy ways to plan ahead for the busy summer season. Just taking a few minutes to try these things out could result in a noticeable increase in your earnings over the next few months.

Download Local Event Apps

There may be an event each week during the summer months. Give yourself a heads up by downloading local event apps like Eventbrite to see when and where things are happening. Even Facebook will show you a list of events that are happening during the week in your area if you need a quick reference. From there, you can either plan your schedule to drive during these events, or know what areas to avoid because of traffic.

For example, if you see a local concert or festival going on, this may be an excellent time to drive in the area assuming there will be an uptick in ride requests. Uber and Lyft may even offer extra incentives for trips during those times if traffic really picks up.  

Plan Your Schedule During Summer Holidays

In addition to events, there are also a few major holidays during the summer months including Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. We all already know these holidays are coming up. Determine your plans ahead of time. Do you want to drive, or not?

Also, which hours do you prefer to drive? For example, maybe you want to relax with family during the day on the 4th of July. But when it gets late and firework shows start, you may want to go online to see if any trip requests will come in. Driving an XL vehicle could also be helpful since there will be lots of families probably looking to ride together.

Frequent Local Hotspots

If you live in or near a vacation hotspot destination, make sure you consider increasing your hours during the summer. Whether it’s a beach, big city, or local attraction, be ready for traffic to double or triple in the summer as many tourists will be vacationing and exploring new areas.

It may not be a bad idea to plan a day trip to the nearest city that receives lots of tourists just to see if your Uber and Lyft trip requests increase. Get familiar with all the tourist hot spots in your area whether it’s a restaurant, a popular beach, or a historic street.

Establish a go-to area for the summer where you can always expect to get trips during certain times of the day.

Use Driver Assistance App

Driver assistance apps are very popular these days. While it’s important to know your area and use past experience to determine the best places to go and times to drive, there are also apps that can help with this as well.

Muver is an app that helps you manage all your rideshare and delivery activity in one place. Muver works with several different gig apps and allows you to automatically switch platforms if other apps are busier to optimize your earnings. You can even set things up to auto-accept rides that fall into specific qualifications you set. On average, Muver claims to help drivers increase their earnings by 30%.

Solo is another app that’s designed to improve your gig work performance and earnings by analyzing important data. When you start using Solo and connect your rideshare and food delivery apps, Solo starts collecting data from you and other users to come up with the best days, times, and places to drive in your area.

I love how all this is based on real-time and historical data so you don’t have to guess at it yourself. Solo also offers hourly pay guarantees where they’ll make up the difference in your earnings if you don’t reach a certain amount. Solo also tracks your mileage and taxes so you don’t have to be overwhelmed with the administrative tasks.

Finally, Gridwise is another highly recommended driver assistance app. With Gridwise, you can track airport passenger volume, airport queue lines, important events, flight delays and much more. Basically, if you live in a popular summer vacation spot and frequently get requests for airport rides, you’ll want to have Gridwise on your phone!

Give Yourself a Boost This Summer

Driving in the summer is one of the most lucrative times of year to make more money. There are tons of events, gatherings, and lots of people will be vacationing. It all boils down to your strategy and ability to test certain things to your benefit. Soon enough, you’ll have an idea of what works and what doesn’t work.

If you need help gathering actionable data on the best times and locations to try, consider using a rideshare assistance app to make planning your schedule much easier.

Harry Campbell is a former Boeing Aerospace Engineer and founder of, a blog, podcast and Youtube channel for ridehail drivers and other gig workers and author of, The Rideshare Guide. Over the years, Harry has covered the gig economy industry closely and talked to tens of thousands of drivers and gig workers about their experience on the road.

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