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12 Rideshare Apps & Amenities Every Driver Should Have

Buckle Team
August 23, 2022

As a gig driver, rideshare apps, accessories and amenities are some of the most important tools for boosting your profits.

These days, it seems like more and more people are getting into the rideshare game than ever before. Driving with rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft is one of the best ways to earn money in the gig economy. But because your income depends on your car and the rides you give, it's essential to know how to protect yourself and ensure your passengers' comfort to thrive.  

To be a profitable driver that gets big tips and five-star ratings, you have to know how to make the most out of every ride. That's why our team put together a list of the top 12 rideshare amenities and apps that Uber and Lyft drivers like yourself should always have on hand. Keep reading to learn more!  

1. Business Expense & Mileage Apps

A mileage tracker app should be one of the first things any driver downloads to their smartphone when starting. These rideshare apps are essential for keeping track of your Uber or Lyft tax deductions when tax season rolls around. Just be sure to ask a tax professional for advice on what and how much you can deduct.  

Here's why these rideshare apps are some of the most beneficial for drivers and their profits:  

Every mile you drive for Uber and Lyft can be considered a rideshare mileage deduction on your taxes. Mileage rideshare apps can easily help you log your miles and calculate the deductions. Even if you don't drive as frequently as you want, your mileage deductions can add up to thousands of dollars saved.  

You can also use mileage rideshare apps to enter and calculate toll road charges and parking fees you may rack up on your daily drives. These may also be deductible as business expenses.  

Some of your rideshare amenities related to your job may also be deductible. That includes gas, cell phone mounts, rideshare insurance and even the gum, snacks and water you buy for your passengers. Keep track of receipts for these items and consult your tax professional.

2. Dash Cam  

One of the most important Lyft or Uber accessories any driver can have is a dash cam. Dash cam rideshare car accessories record audio and video of everything happening in your car when you're transporting passengers. This is especially helpful if a passenger becomes unruly, physically threatens you or is verbally abusive.  

You can also use recorded dash cam footage to defend yourself if a passenger wrongly accuses you of doing something inappropriate. We recommend getting a wide-angle dash cam to add to your stock of Lyft or Uber accessories so the front and back seat areas can be adequately seen.  

Note: It's important to check your local regulations regarding recording your passengers. Depending on where you drive, you may be legally required to inform passengers they are on camera.  

3. Hands-Free Cell Phone Mount

Lyft and Uber drivers rely solely on smartphone GPS navigation for directions to passenger pick-up and drop-off locations. Your phone's rideshare apps are also the source of new ride requests while on the road. It's best to have your smartphone mounted where you can see it at all times without glancing down at your lap every five seconds – that's incredibly dangerous.    

A hands-free cell phone mount is one of those perfect Uber and Lyft accessories no driver can live without. They can attach your phone to your windshield by suction cup or an air conditioner vent with clips. With rideshare car accessories like a cell phone mount, your hands can remain on the wheel, and all distractions are kept to the bare minimum, which helps passengers feel more at ease and could lead to a high driver rating and better tip. Be sure to check local laws on obstructing your windshield before attaching anything to it.

4. Cell Phone Charging Block

The more you drive, the more you'll notice which Lyft and Uber car accessories are most important to your passengers. As we've grown closer to technology, most people are always worried about having their phones charged. Rather than disconnecting your phone from your in-car phone charger, cell phone charging blocks are the perfect tax deductible Lyft and Uber car accessories to show you want to go the extra mile for your passengers. Who doesn't love some extra juice in their device before they go out for a night on the town? Just be sure to check the charger block is both iPhone and Android-friendly.  

5. Aux Cord for Your Passengers

Sometimes your passengers want to listen to their personal music rather than the radio or your favorite genres. It usually makes for a far more enjoyable ride and can help them relax. We recommend keeping a couple of auxiliary cords on hand as rideshare amenities so passengers with all types of smartphones can plug into your car and play their favorite tunes. You might end up listening to something out of your wheelhouse, but these Lyft and Uber accessories can go a long way in earning some extra gratuity and a higher rating.  

6. Gas Finder Apps

If there's one thing rideshare drivers can't get enough of, it's saving money on gas. As a rideshare driver, you can only make profits when you're actively driving around for hours every shift. For some, it's a daily expense that can add up to hundreds of dollars per month. Gas finder rideshare apps allow you to find the cheapest gas in your current area at all times of the day to help save some dollars when you hit the pump.

Many of the gas finder rideshare apps out there partner directly with gas stations to ensure you always have the cheapest option from city to city, making them well worth the download.  

7. Air Fresheners

The first thing many passengers notice when they enter a car is the smell. There's nothing worse than getting hit with the odor of your lunch from a couple of hours ago or lingering tobacco. This also goes for customers who might bring in scents that your next passenger finds wholly unpleasant.  

A foul-smelling ride can tank your driver rating and give passengers little incentive to leave a good tip. We highly recommend you add air fresheners to your list of essential rideshare items to ensure this never happens to you. You only need a small can of deodorizer or a clip-on air freshener to keep your vehicle smelling clean. However, some passengers might be allergic to certain strong perfumes, so it's best to go with something light or a fragrance-free deodorizer.  

8. Cleaning Supplies

Let's face it. Not every passenger will respect your car as much as you do. Some may eat meals in your ride or bring in easily spillable drinks without a second thought. It's a great idea to ensure you always have rideshare items like paper towels, napkins, stain removers and sanitary wipes on hand to keep your car in the best condition possible.  

9. Vomit Bags

If you drive near popular bars, there's a good chance you'll end up as someone's designated driver. In the unfortunate event that a passenger needs to throw up in your car, you can save yourself the headache of cleanup with rideshare amenities like vomit bags. Not only will you avoid missing out on rides for the rest of the night, but they're sure to give you a good tip for helping them avoid damage and cleanup fees.  

10. Spare Tire or Flat Tire Sealant  

As a hardworking driver, you know that a flat tire can ruin entire days or nights' worth of profits during a shift. Uber and Lyft accessories extend far past the items you keep in your car for passengers – they can include essentials like a spare tire or flat tire sealant to help you out of a jam if you ever need to repair your car while on the job.  

11. First Aid Kit

It's a great idea to keep a fully stocked first aid kit in your car at all times in case you need to help with an emergency. These rideshare amenities can be found at nearly any department or drug store and are often inexpensive. We also recommend keeping some hand sanitizer or lotion on hand at all times for passengers to use. If they have been running errands all day, they might appreciate a good hand cleaning on their way out to meet friends for lunch or dinner.  

12. Rideshare Insurance

Finally, we recommend every Uber or Lyft driver get rideshare insurance to ensure they're protected. Rideshare insurance policies are unmatched rideshare amenities that can provide critical coverage if you get into a car accident. Once you start driving for rideshare companies, your personal auto insurance will not suffice because your vehicle is being used for business purposes. While rideshare companies offer some coverage, it's far too inadequate, and you could be forced to pay out of pocket for steep medical and car repair bills.    

Rideshare insurance coverage is designed to replace your current personal policy to ensure you're protected – whether you're on the job or not.  

Buckle Is Designed With Your Protection In Mind

Now that you know all the Lyft and Uber accessories, amenities and rideshare apps available at your disposal, it's time to put your newfound information into action. While we can't help with most of the Uber and Lyft driver accessories on this list, we can provide you with top-rated rideshare insurance to keep you and your car protected. With just one low rate, you can replace your current insurance policy and be covered for your business and personal rides. We don't treat gig drivers as an afterthought – you're always our top priority. Become a member for free today.

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