One insurance.
One policy.
One Buckle.

Active rideshare drivers are getting complete coverage under one policy. No matter how much they drive or how many rides they have in a month.

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You won’t have two policies.

Buckle is the only policy you will need for both personal and rideshare driving.

Just a few simple steps to get better coverage:

01 Enter your zip
02 Connect Lyft
03 Confirm driver and vehicle info
04 Purchase Buckle!
05 Cancel other (not as good) insurance

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Save money right from the start.

Right now, you’re paying more than you have to for rideshare car insurance.
And at Buckle, we don't think that's right.

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One policy only

Switching to Buckle is quick and easy. And you won't need to have two insurance policies. Buckle will be the only car insurance you will need.

Coverage around the clock

Coverage around the clock

It doesn't matter who's in your car. Rideshare app on or off, Buckle has you covered. It’s simple. It’s better. It’s Buckle.

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No credit checks

Unlike most insurers, we don't ask about your credit history because your credit is none of our business.

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Better prices

Buckle realized that those who make money with their car take care of their car. That’s why we’re able to offer such low rates. You’ve earned it.

Hey Tennessee, we’re now riding with you!

Buckle has expanded! If you’re a rideshare driver living in The Volunteer State, you can now get better insurance, at fairer prices, and with no credit check. Sign up below for more info, or click here to get a quote.

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