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Buckle CEO Marty Young Invited for Keynote Interview at Insurance M&A Symposium

Buckle’s Marty Young to be interviewed about redefining customer experience at S&P Global Market Intelligence event on Thursday, November 12, 2020



Unravelling the American Promise with Credit Scores

While many have and continue to speak on needed reforms, the uncomfortable reality that faces every American — and which still does not garner nearly enough attention — is that social equality and equal economic opportunity are inextricably linked.


Buckle Co-founder Joins Panel Discussion on Transforming Insurance Experience at ITC Global

Buckle’s Marty Young joins panel, “Transforming the Insurance Experience for the ‘Made for Me’ Economy,” on Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Buckle Announces Top Financial and Insurance Executive Kristi Matus as Corporate CFO and COO

Also announces Andrew Rear, CEO of Digital Partners, a Munich Re company, is appointed Buckle’s new Chairman of the Board


Gateway Insurance Company Assigned Financial Stability Rating of A, Exceptional from Demotech, Inc.

Buckle, a tech-enabled financial services company, announced its licensed carrier, the Gateway Insurance Company, has been assigned a Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) of A, Exceptional, from Demotech, Inc.


Natural disasters are the new normal. Are small businesses ready?

Can Mother Nature cut us some slack? Small businesses must be thinking this question as they face a raging global pandemic, scarring wildfires in California, and devastating hurricanes in the Gulf. Unfortunately, small businesses are also the ones bearing the brunt of the hardship.


Dear Uber: We Agree, Let’s Support Drivers

If you read the news, you probably think the millions of independent contract drivers and delivery people working for Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates and the like are universally aligned and clamoring for full-time employee status. The truth couldn’t be farther from that false narrative.


Buckle Reinvents Insurance Model for Gig Economy with $31 Million Series A Funding

New model uses fresh sources of data to underwrite risks and fills gaps in conventional policies, while making insurance affordable, accessible for rideshare drivers.


Gateway Insurance Company Acquired by Buckle

Acquisition includes 47 state insurance licenses for commercial auto policies, including full-time taxicabs, non-emergency para-transit, limousine/livery, and business auto


Buckle Temporarily Adds Food & Delivery Coverage

As gig economy rideshare drivers step up to deliver food annd supplies during Covid-10 crisis, Buckle responds with comprehensive protection for members.


The Buckle Philosophy

Buckle aims to build relationships and get people the financial services they deserve without relying on assumptions from a credit score.


How to Cancel Your Other Auto Insurance

You’ve got Buckle. Great! Now what? It’s time to cancel your other auto insurance. It’s not difficult, but it is crucial to do it correctly.


The Deal: Understanding Rideshare Auto Insurance

How do you know if you have the coverage you need as a rideshare driver? It isn’t easy! We'll help you navigate the tricky world.


The Ease of Switching Auto Insurance Companies

The wrong insurance company may leave gaps in your coverage, cost you a fortune, or even fail to protect you after an accident.


What are the Payment Differences for Rideshare Auto Insurance?

Are you ready to take the confusion out of rideshare auto insurance rates? We'll help you understand...


Navigating the Many Components of Auto Insurance Policies

Do you find the details of auto insurance coverage confusing?  We’re here to help you understand the basics of each type of coverage.


All About the Different Car Insurance Coverages

Car insurance is complicated. Buckle is here to make car insurance easy for rideshare drivers. This page explains what Buckle will cover in our policies.


Buckle + Lyft Partnership Announced

Buckle Insurance is now available to eligible Lyft drivers in Georgia with other partners expected in the coming months.


Why We Started Buckle

Buckle is the solution to this glaring, modern problem. We have created a hybrid policy that is unlike anything else on the market.


The Elephant in the Room

What insurance companies do not want you to know about how much you're overpaying.


How Much is Rideshare Insurance

Insurance coverage provided by the rideshare companies have limits, gaps, and high deductibles. Learn how much you should be paying.


Landscape of Rideshare Companies

Rideshare companies come in many different shapes and sizes. Which one is right for you?


Auto Insurance FAQs

Robust listing to all the questions you may have about the potentially confusing world of auto insurance.

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