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We offer benefits, products, and services for rideshare and delivery drivers in the Gig Economy, and the best part? It is totally free and only available to gig workers. We have proudly served our Members since 2017.

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Feeling wanted as customer was the main reason I joined, and that's what Buckle has achieved.

Rick P

Overall great service and amazing prices. I appreciate that they are willing to work with all types of situations.

Bobby B

Without Buckle, I wouldn’t be able to get the car I wanted because other companies charge ridiculous prices. I love Buckle!

Chrystopher S

My agent was so easy to talk to and even made me laugh. He understood everything I was telling him and helped me come up with a quick resolution.

Laporsha S

Buckle is always attentive to my needs. During the pandemic, they were instrumental in getting me the funding I needed quickly and easily.

Antonio S

Buckle has been a lifesaver, providing me with good quality insurance for a low price as a rideshare driver. Y'all don't beat down drivers for try to make a living.

Jane D

I have one claim in two years with Buckle, and it was handled professionally, quickly, and to my satisfaction.

Shamir A

Everyone I have worked with at Buckle has been friendly and professional. They are saving me hundreds of dollars per year.

John S

They handle tasks in a timely manner. This is great for gig workers!

James B

I have had Buckle for a while and I really enjoy the insurance provided. During the pandemic, it has been nice to know my insurance company will work with me. Customer service always does a good job as well. Keep up the great work!

Takethia F

Great customer service every time. Even if there is a problem, the agents are accountable and make it right.

Justina R

Very reliable. They have awesome rates and great customer service.

Dylan W

Each and every time I call, I get great service.

Dianne S

It couldn't be any better!

Timothy P

All of my interactions with representatives have been positive and always ended in the result I needed.

Keith J

Feeling wanted as a customer was the main reason I joined, and that’s what Buckle is achieving.

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Our products and services are available to rideshare and delivery drivers in the Gig-Economy.

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