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This is Buckle’s new Lease-to-Own program.

Here at Buckle, we are committed to making things better for rideshare drivers. We are proud to introduce the Buckle Lease-to-own program! We will be helping our top drivers to own high-quality used cars. Buckle is now putting great drivers in great cars for great prices.

Your new car. Now.

How it works:

We have partnered with Autotrader and Hennessy Dealerships to provide quality, safe used vehicles for our drivers in the Atlanta area. Buckle’s top drivers will be eligible to apply for a Buckle Lease for these vehicles. Once approved, just select your vehicle, make your down payment, drive away, and in 3-5 years you’ll own the car outright with no remaining balance at the end.

What type of vehicles can I lease?

Vehicles eligible for Buckle Lease-to-own have these criteria:

  • Over 10 brands of 4-door sedans, crossovers or minivans (must be eligible for rideshare driving)

  • Pre-owned or certified pre-owned less than 6 years old

  • Up to 60,000 miles

  • Car value up to its Kelly Blue Book value or $16,000

How do I apply?



Apply and connect your bank account through our secure Plaid partner portal.



Browse our AutoTrader vehicle inventory and select the car you want by clicking the button below.



A Buckle representative will contact you with your lease offer, confirm your vehicle selection, and set up a time to test-drive the vehicle.​


Test Drive

Test drive the vehicle at the dealership, make your down-payment, and drive away!

Savings you can see.

Below are some sample vehicles and the savings Buckle can deliver.

2017 Hyundai Sonata SE

Mileage: 53,001

Down Payment: $650

Monthly Payment (5yr term): $390

2015 Ford Escape FWD SE

Mileage: 49,561

Down Payment: $650

Monthly Payment (5yr term): $407

2018 Nissan Versa 1.6 SV

Mileage: 44,010

Down Payment: $650

Monthly Payment (5yr term): $305

How much will it cost?

Buckle is striving to champion drivers. Our lease rates are competitive, and, unlike other traditional leases, you will own the vehicle at the end of the term. No hidden commitments. Buckle requires a minimum down-payment of $650, but you may choose to put more money down to lower your monthly payments. Once you have applied, your Buckle representative will contact you about your payment options.

Other things to know:

Why do you need my bank account information?

Connecting your bank account is your application to the Lease-to-Own program. Because this is such a special program and we do not check your credit score, we need to make sure you're an active rideshare driver before we give you the keys. Plaid is a secure technology platform that provides us read-only access to the account.

How long is the lease contract?

You have the option for a 3, 4, or 5 year lease term. At the end, you’ll own the vehicle outright. 


Can I trade in my vehicle?

Yes! In fact, trading in your paid-off old vehicle will work to reduce your monthly lease payments. While trade-in values vary by dealership, Buckle will facilitate your old car trade-in and apply any cash toward lowering your lease payment. 


Who am I getting the car from?

Buckle has partnered with Hennessy Auto Dealerships in the Atlanta area. Once you have picked out your desired vehicle, the Buckle team will set you up to finish the transaction at a Hennessy dealership.


How does Buckle compare with traditional auto financing companies?

Unlike the traditional lease, after making your payments over the contract term, you will own your vehicle with no additional cost. You’ll see that our lease rates are much more competitive than the rest of the market, because we know how great of a driver you are and you deserve your own vehicle. Buckle will cover your lease and your auto insurance, all in one. 

How do you determine my monthly payment?

Like our insurance, we don’t look at credit score. We select our top insured drivers for our leasing program. In the lease application, we only ask that you link your bank information through our secure Plaid platform so we have additional insight into your coverage of lease payments. Your trade-in value and down payment will also determine your lease payments.


How often will I make payments?

Buckle lease payments will be made twice a month (approximately every two weeks).  Your first payment will be due upon signing at the dealership. 


Is there a mileage limit on my leased car?

Buckle does not limit your yearly mileage.

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