Let’s get you a Buckle policy.

And have you saving anywhere from $50 - $200/month today. No matter how much you drive a month.


Proud Buckle Agent

Here for our Buckle Cares initiative?

And would like our free help applying for government funding?

You need to connect your Lyft account, first. Then visit our Cares site for help with the application.

If you have already connected with us, just click below to begin the Cares process.

We have your back...the Buckle insurance difference:

  • You don't have to be a full-time driver. Drive all week, or just a few times a month. If rides are down, no worries. We’ve got you covered.

  • There’s no credit check and no bias. We use driver information, such as your star rating, to determine your rate. 

  • You WILL NOT need to have two policies. Buckle is the only one you will need. No two policies. No two insurance companies. Just one Buckle.

Any questions, just give us a call: 1.866.828.2553 

What is the process to get Buckle?

Connect your Lyft Account 

Buckle is made only for rideshare drivers, so we have to make sure your account is active. This is all this we're doing. We will not use your information for anything else.



Confirm driver and vehicle info

Select what cars and drivers you want to insure. You will need VIN numbers and driver's license information, so make sure you have that handy.


Select what coverage you want

Buckle offers Full Coverage (what we recommend), or liability (Basic) coverage. We also have different deductibles to meet your needs. 

Purchase Buckle

Input your payment info and you're good to go. We do require a bit more in your first payment to cover processing and legal fees. So don't be alarmed that it's a bit higher than your monthly payment.



Cancel your old insurance
Buckle is the only insurance policy you will need, so you can go ahead and cancel your old insurance. We'll have you covered from Day 1 so you can start saving right away.

Take our drivers’ words for it...

Dameon, Atlanta


“What am I not saving with Buckle? Buckle is freaking amazing.”

It’s so easy to get started.

Buckle car insurance rates in Georgia start at $55/month.


Call us at: 1.866.828.2553 

9am – 6pm  EST, Mon – Sat

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