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Who is providing this notice?

This Cookie Notice is provided by Buckle, which means Buckle Corp. LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

This Notice describes the different types of cookies and similar technologies that we use on our Sites. As used in this Policy, “Sites” means webpages or applications owned and operated by Buckle, unless a different notice is posted on a particular site, or is made available to you and by its terms, supplements or replaces any terms of this Notice. We may change this Notice from time to time. Please review the “Last Revised” legend on this page to see when this Notice was last revised. Any changes to this Notice will become effective the date we make the revised Notice available on or through our Site. If you have questions, you may contact Buckle by writing to us at the following address:

Buckle Corp.
Attn: Legal
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Atlanta, GA 30324

What are cookies and other similar technologies?

Cookies are files that websites and email services may send to your computer or device to uniquely identify your browser or to store information or settings on your device. They allow us to tailor a website or ad to better match your interests and preferences. A “session” cookie is stored only in your computer's working memory (RAM) and only lasts for your browsing session. A “persistent” cookie is stored on your computer's hard drive until they expire, they are overwritten with newer cookies, or you manually remove them. We do not use cookies to store personal information. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you often can modify your browser setting to decline cookies by visiting the Help portion of your browser's toolbar. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to sign in, customize, or use some of the features of the Site. By using the Site with your browser set to accept cookies you acknowledge that we may use cookies in the manner described above. We do not have control over third-party cookies that have been placed on your device. You may block those as provided by your browser or by the third-party site.

What types of cookies do we use?

Essential/Strictly Necessary Cookies

These types of cookies allow us to provide our essential services to you. These cookies are necessary for our Site to operate, to verify your identity, and to maintain the privacy and security of our Site. These cookies are always on and without these cookies, we cannot provide our services. These cookies are not used for analytics or to target you with online ads. Although you may be able to set your browser preferences to block or delete these cookies, doing so will impact the functionality of our Site and will cause it to not work.

Analytics Cookies

The types of cookies in this category are used to allow us to analyze your use of the Site and to evaluate and improve the performance of the Site. They may also be used to provide a better user experience, for example, by providing us information about how our Site is used or by helping us to identify issues you may have when using the Site. These cookies are not used to target you with online ads.

Advertising Cookies

Cookies in this category are used to target you with online advertising and to help make our messaging more relevant to you. Our Site uses first and third-party advertising cookies. Third-party cookies are shared with other companies, such as advertisers and platforms we use to deliver personalized ads and messages.

Cookies in our emails

In addition to the cookies we use on our Site, we may use cookies in our emails that we send to you. These help us to understand whether you have opened the email and how you have interacted with it. If you have images enabled, cookies may be set on your device. Cookies will also set if you click on any links within our emails.

How do I disable/enable cookies?

Most internet browsers allow you to update your cookie settings via the “Help” setting within the browser.

Effective Date: March 20, 2023

Last Updated Date: March 20, 2023