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Car insurance
people who drive rideshare and delivery.

Buckle was designed exclusively for rideshare and delivery drivers because gig drivers deserve better options.

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Rideshare and delivery insurance can be confusing, we can break it down for you in 2 minutes.

Why Buckle is Better Car Insurance

We'll treat you fairly, because that’s what you deserve. We offer DoorDash insurance, Uber insurance, Lyft rideshare insurance, and much more.

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What is the process to get Buckle?

Connect your account

Buckle is made only for rideshare and delivery drivers, so we have to make sure your account is active. The connection is totally secure and super fast.

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Rideshare Insurance & Delivery Driver Insurance at Buckle
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Confirm driver and vehicle info

Select what cars and drivers you want to insure. You will need VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) for the vehicles and driver's license information, so make sure you have that handy.


Select what coverage you want

Buckle offers Full Coverage (what we recommend), or  Basic (liability) Coverage. We also have different deductibles to meet your needs.

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Purchase Buckle

Input your payment info and you're good to go. We do require a bit more in your first payment to cover processing and legal fees. So don't be alarmed that it's a bit higher than your monthly payment.


Cancel your old insurance

Buckle is the only insurance policy you will need, so you can go ahead and cancel your old insurance. We'll have you covered from Day 1 so you can start saving right away.

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Buckle offers a variety of services from gig auto insurance to membership. See what we offer in your area!

Our Learning Center

We have our experts dish out the goods on the gig economy and gig insurance.

Florida Rideshare Insurance Requirements

Florida Rideshare Insurance Requirements

If you want to work for transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber or Lyft, Florida is a great state to drive in. But there are specific Florida rideshare insurance requirements that you need to know about. This article will review regulations for rideshare insurance in Florida and discuss which policies offer the best options for Lyft and Uber driver insurance in Florida.

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Free $20 Visa Gift Card When You Complete A Buckle Auto Insurance Quote. Yes, Really.

This offer is limited to qualified rideshare or delivery drivers. A $20 Visa digital gift card will be emailed within 10 days of successfully completing your quote. Email will be sent from Buckle. No purchase necessary.

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Limit 1 gift card per person or per household per calendar year. It may take 10 days from getting your quote and 10 days from validating your rideshare and/or delivery driver status to receive your reward